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Photographic Projects

Shoreditch Tales

The life store promises that it is possible to improve your life, but this man who walks towards the shop does not seem to know it. A girl with a hat is daydreaming while waiting for the traffic light to turn into green. The Breakfast Club’s staff smile, they are happy to pose with a new friend, a guy who is delivering an Asos package. A young woman with too many bags is in a rush. A man carries a big piece of wood when it is time for tea. A photographer looks inside the art gallery, thinking about lenses and projects.

Welcome to Shoreditch. A Londoner neighbourhood where the time seems to run in a different way. Can you notice that there is something dreamy in the air?
I have walked with an enormous medium format camera through the streets of Shoreditch. At the beginning, I wanted to do a little photographic project, but I realised soon that this would be a long-term work: I will never be tired of looking at what is going on in Shoreditch, I am in love with this district and the people that live here.

Searching for a Home

Madrid. April 11, 2014.

Yolanda de Diego (26) and Jorge Avilés (57) have been occupying during the last eight months an empty house that owns to Kutxabank. De Diego, who is eight-months pregnant, and Avilés have two sons and are both unemployed.

They are trying to negotiate with the bank for a social rent, which would be paid with the few subsidies they receive.

Anti-eviction activists (PAH) and family, friends and neighbours joined them the day fixed by the judicial commission to proceed with their eviction, which was temporally suspended thanks to the social action.

The Smithfield Market

The Smithfield livestock market is one of the oldest markets in London. It was opened in 1868 and it was defined as a “vast cathedral-like structure of ornamental cast iron, stone, Welsh slate and glass”. By the time of its construction, most of the meat arrived to the city by train and so the market included an underground area where the livestock was unloaded from the trains.

Currently, the Smithfield market is still working in full performance. In this place, the time seemed to stop long time ago. Each day, from 2.00 a. m. to 8 a. m. the market wakes up to supply meat to the city. These photographs show an old trade that survives despite the years, a work that is done during the shadows of nights but that has an effect on the day-to-day lives of a lot of the people who lives in London.

On the Kenyan Road

In November of 2012, I travelled to Africa. My destination was Kenya and in first place I went to Nairobi. This city was something completely new for me: a place with a different colour and smell. I felt in love with Kenya in the very first moment. The thing that surprised me the most in Nairobi was the rich neighbour, where these massive houses where the whites reside are. They are obscene, outrageous, sitting just so close to all this aluminium or brick houses where most of the people live.

After my stay in Nairobi, I spent some days on the never ending red sand roads of Kenya. It is amazing all the things that you can observe through a van window. I went to Samburu, Nakuru, Maasai Mara and Naivasha.

The life in Kenya goes close to these avenues. Most of the school, shops and hotels go along the edge of the road and in both sides of the way people assemble to trade, to make errands or just to talk. This photographic project aims to present how are these lives linked to the path.

Africa has something special in the air. Once you have been there, you will dream about Africa and you will feel the necessity of go back again from time to time.

Movimiento 15-M – Spain

Article 21 of the Spanish Constitution: 1. The right to peaceful unarmed assembly is granted. The exercise of this right shall not require prior authorisation.

15th of May, 2011. The platform Democracia Real YA and other organisations called the unemployed, the poorly paid, the subcontractors, the young people and all of those who were disappointed with the situation of Spain to demonstrate and ask for a real change. More than 130.000 people took the streets in the country.

I was in the streets of Madrid this day. And I was there the following days, when the movement started to be organised. The feeling was that everything was possible. It was possible to get a change. It was possible to fight against a corrupted system. We were angry, and we were too many.

Besides, the powerful people have the world between their hands and they are not going to leave it easily. We are still asking for a change, waiting for the resignation of thief politicians who are in the power and trying to avoid a system that it is proved that does not work.

Everything seems to be quiet now. But we are not going to stop. We are not going to get tired. The fight is still alive.