Andrea AbrilAndrea Abril


Construction of La Vela

Photographs of the construction of the new headquarters of BBVA bank. This complex is located in Madrid and was designed by the Swiss architectural firm Herzog & De Meuron. Constructed over an area of 114,000 m2, Ciudad BBVA includes eight buildings. The main building is La Vela, an elliptically-shaped, 19-floor tower 93 meters in height.


Achime is the Spanish Muslim Girls’ Association. It was founded in 2012 and its objective is to serve as a meeting point and support for all Muslim girls based in Spain. Through regular meetings, workshops and activities, this association helps young Muslims women to face the problems and prejudices they encounter in their daily lives while increases their confidence and gives them a positive boost to improve their living conditions.


I collaborate with Dreamtellers, a lay foundation formed by a group of experts in communication, narrative and cinematography. Dreamtellers’ job consists of helping those who dream of improving the life of their community, tell the public opinion about their project and what they require to fulfill this project with the aim of making their dream come true.