Andrea AbrilAndrea Abril

Shoreditch Tales

The life store promises that it is possible to improve your life, but this man who walks towards the shop does not seem to know it. A girl with a hat is daydreaming while waiting for the traffic light to turn into green. The Breakfast Club’s staff smile, they are happy to pose with a new friend, a guy who is delivering an Asos package. A young woman with too many bags is in a rush. A man carries a big piece of wood when it is time for tea. A photographer looks inside the art gallery, thinking about lenses and projects. 

Welcome to Shoreditch. A Londoner neighbourhood where the time seems to run in a different way. Can you notice that there is something dreamy in the air?
I have walked with an enormous medium format camera through the streets of Shoreditch. At the beginning, I wanted to do a little photographic project, but I realised soon that this would be a long-term work: I will never be tired of looking at what is going on in Shoreditch, I am in love with this district and the people that live here.