Andrea AbrilAndrea Abril

Movimiento 15M – Spain

Article 21 of the Spanish Constitution: 1. The right to peaceful unarmed assembly is granted. The exercise of this right shall not require prior authorisation.

15th of May, 2011. The platform Democracia Real YA and other organisations called the unemployed, the poorly paid, the subcontractors, the young people and all of those who were disappointed with the situation of Spain to demonstrate and ask for a real change. More than 130.000 people took the streets in the country.

I was protesting in Madrid this day. And I was there the following days, when the movement started to be organised. The feeling was that everything was possible. It was possible to get a change. It was possible to fight against a corrupted system. We were angry, and we were too many.

Besides, the powerful people have the world between their hands and they are not going to leave it easily. We are still asking for a change, waiting for the resignation of thief politicians who are in the power and trying to avoid a system that it is proved that does not work.

Everything seems to be quiet now. But we are not going to stop. We are not going to get tired. The fight is still alive.